Reliable Sewer Line Repair in Dallas Texas

A 2 Z Atomic Plumbing not only cleans clogged drains but also perform sewer line repair in for all clients in the city of Dallas and its neighboring areas. Our services includes main sewer line repair, sewer line cleaning and sewer line replacement. If you intend to have your sewer line replaced, it’s advisable that you let professional plumbers do is in order not to exacerbate the damage.

To be specific our technicians are trained to fix the following:

Burst or Broken pipes – pipes which are cracked, punctured, collapsed or otherwise mutilated due to shifting soil, freezing ground and more.

Blocked Pipes – these are damaged pippes due to grease buildup and accumulation of food particles that considerably decreases or totally blocks water from flowing.

Corroded Pipes – Malfunctioning sewer pipes which are eaten by rust due to old age or exposure to corrosive elements.

Gutted or rooter pipes – tree roots can do considerable damage to underground sewer lines and this takes special skills and equipment to restore.

Our Way of Fixing Broken Pipes

At A 2 Z Atomic Plumbing our technicians can assess the extent of the damage on your sewer pipes and gives you an overview of the procedure that need to be done as well as its cost. As much as possible we would take necessary steps to restore or preserve the existing sewer if we see it viable and cost effective going forward. This is to minimize cost on the part of our clients. We only sewer line replacement as a last resort since this is more costly than repair.

While property layout and sewer system setup could be unique in every home, some basic sewer line procedure still remains. These are some of the tasks that we perform on sewer lines:

Pipe Preventive Maintenance – the best way to fix broken pipes is to prevent them from becoming broken in the first place. Toward this end, we conduct regular pipe inspections and drain cleaning. This preventive drain clog removal is a single biggest factor in keeping debris such as grease from accumulating in your pipes.

Pipe Relining – if we find that the sewer line’s structural integrity is still sound and can still be refurbished, we perform pipe relining procedure.Pipe relining the inside of the pipe is saturated with a special epoxy resin that cures from the inside. This reinforces the interior of the pipe. In many cases, this new lining becomes stronger than the original pipe surface.¬† This epoxy resin usually hardens after a few hours.

Hydraulic burst pipe replacement Рis the existing sewer line is too rotten, this calls for a sewer line replacement. The new pipe has to be installed in place of the old one. Our preferred  technique of doing this is by hydraulic burst. This procedure involves the use of high pressure water jets to break apart the what remains of the damaged old pipe. This trenchless approach does not need excavation to put in place the new sewer line.

Sewer Line Replacement in Dallas

With a thorough inspection of your sewer system, we can guide you to make an informed decision as to the what solution to take for your sewer pipes. Sewer line replacement could be the best option to fix the issue but it is also the costliest. At A 2 Z Atomic plumbing we explain the situation, give you a comprehensive solution and how we are going to implement them. You can trust that your satisfaction is our top priority and that your interest comes first and foremost. Our trenchless sewer line repair or replacement procedure is the most innovative with little to no disruption to your lawn or landscaping than traditional techniques. It’s also cheaper. All throughout Dallas, we are the leading professionals when it comes to sewer line repair and replacement.


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