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Ruud Water Heaters specialize in manufacturing an exclusive product line of effective water heating solutions that meets the demanding requirements of both residential and commercial applications in Dallas. The highest level of quality is maintained right from the initial stage of assimilating raw materials to the finished product assembly.

Rudd water heaters

Today, Ruud has become North America’s largest manufacturer of superior quality water heating products and these innovative products are manufactured at its state-of-the-art manufacturing units. The products can be classified into two broad categories that is residential and commercial.

Ruud Residential Water Heaters


Gas Water Heaters


Professional Ultra Low NOx Powered Damper

This environmental friendly Ruud water heater features ultra low NOx burner design.


Professional Powered Damper High Efficiency Ruud Gas Water Heaters

This particular series of Ruud water heaters offers more hot water at low operating costs.


Professional Ruud Gas Water Heater

Featuring superior air filtration that prevents flame arrestor in this Ruud water heater series of water heaters.


Professional Heavy Duty Ruud Gas Hot Water Heater

This Ruud water heater series is equipped to offer double protection through its patented Guardian System™.


Ruud Pacemaker Ultra Low Nox Powered Damper

This Ruud water heater series is known for its energy efficient damper design, which meets Energy Star certification.


Ruud Pacemaker Powered Damper

Featuring energy factor between .67 and .69, this series offers more hot water at minimal operating costs.


Ruud Pacemaker Series

Offering low NOx design for considerable low nitrous oxide emissions is this series of Ruud water heaters.


Ruud Pacemaker Heavy Duty

This series of Ruud hot water heaters are designed to meet demands of high volume applications.


Ruud Power Direct Vent

This Ruud water heater series is completely maintenance free, as it does not contain a filter to clean.


Ruud Power Vent

The self diagnostic Ruud water heater system combined with a quiet blower and flammable vapor detection sensor makes it a feature packed water heater.


Ruud Power Vent with electronic controls

Offering hot water display and an adjustable set-point is the selling point of this series of Ruud water heaters.


Ruud Pacemaker Direct Vent Horizontal

Featuring an adjustable coaxial vent that allows more flexibility is this particular Ruud water heater series.


Ruud Pacemaker Direct Vent Vertical

This Ruud water heater series comes with factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve.


Ruud Gas Water Heaters – Master Series

This particular Ruud water heater series is absolutely maintenance free and comes with an environmental friendly burner.


Indirect Ruud Water Heaters

This particular Ruud water heater series is known for its factory installed automatic temperature controls and brass drain valve.


Ruud Warrior Direct Vent

This Ruud water heater series of Ruud water heaters does not require any external vented door.


Ruud Warrior DVX

This particular Ruud water heater model features field convertible controls and can be placed anywhere within the home.


Ruud Warrior

This particular Ruud water heater series features the exclusive Rheemglass® porcelain enamel tank lining that prevents corrosion.



Ruud Electric Residential Water Heaters


Professional Ruud Hot Water Heaters

Featuring premium grade anode rod and stainless steel lower heating element in this range of Ruud water heaters.


Ruud Marathon Water Heater

Featuring an high efficiency design in this series of Ruud hot water heaters that are blow molded and prevent corrosion.


Ruud Marathon Thermal Storage Tank

This series of Ruud water heater is characterized by its tough molded polyelthylene outer shell.


Ruud Pacemaker

This particular model of Ruud water heater is known for its patented EverKleen™ self cleaning water heating device.


Ruud Marathon Point-of-Use

This particular series offers high efficiency Ruud water heating element and temperature and pressure relief valves.


Ruud Electric Point-of-Use

This series of Ruud water heater is known for its over temperature protector and automatic thermostat that keeps the water at the desired temperature.


Ruud Table Top Water Heater

Featuring 36″ high top and baked enamel is this particular series of Ruud water heaters.


Ruud Master

This Ruud Water Heater series comes with the patented R-Foam insulation and EverKleen self-cleaning device.


Ruud Warrior Electric

This Ruud water heater series features an isolated tank design that helps in reducing heat loss.



Ruud Tankless Water Heaters


Ruud Condensing Tankless H95 Direct Vent Indoor

This particular residential Ruud water heater comes with 94% efficiency and also contains stainless steel condensing heat exchanger.


Ruud Condensing Tankless H95 Outdoor

Featuring 2-pipe direct vent system is this particular model of Ruud water heaters.


Ruud Tankless 95 Direct Vent Indoor

This Ruud tankless water heater series features next generation burner technology and comes with a flow rate of .26 GPM.


Ruud Tankless 95 Outdoor

This particular Ruud tankless water heater series features concentric vent system with a comprehensive condensate collector.


Ruud Tankless Water Heater – 84 Series

This series of Ruud tankless water heaters features OFWTM overheat film wrap and high altitude capabilities.



Ruud Solar Water Heaters

Ruud SolPak
This Ruud Solar water heater series comes with single and double collector systems and closed loop glycol design.


Ruud Solaride Passive Solar

Available in two system configurations, this Ruud Solar water heater series comes with tank, collectors, installation kit and heat transfer fluid.


Ruud Solar Water Heater – Indirect

This Ruud Solar water heater series of residential water heaters is known for its single wall heat exchanger.


Ruud Solar Servant
A choice of two models is available in this Ruud Solar water heater series. Temperature and pressure relief valves are also included.


Ruud Solar Servant HE

Available in two models, this Ruud Solar water heater series includes brass drain valve, collector feed and return fittings.


Ruud Marathon Thermal Storage Tank
This Ruud Solar water heater series is specifically designed to be installed as a thermal storage tank for solar and indirect water heating.



Commercial Ruud Hot Water Heaters


Gas Water Heaters


Ruud Spiderfire – Gas Fired Water Heater

This commercial Ruud water heater is designed to offer energy efficiency and savings on operation and space.


Ruud Universal Heavy Duty

This Ruud commercial series features patented multiflue design and multiple water connections.


Ruud Advantage Plus

This Ruud commercial series offers a thermal efficiency of 95% and thereby minimizing operating costs is this particular series.


Ruud Xtreme

This Ruud commercial series is known for its multiple water connections and patented diagnostic system.


Ruud VentMaster – Power Direct Vent

This particular Ruud commercial series features non-condensing design that helps prevent corrosion.


Ruud Induced Draft

This Ruud commercial series features small jacket diameters and patented multiflue design in this particular series.


Ruud Medium-Duty

In this Ruud commercial series the tank is designed to offer durable and long lasting lifecycle.


Ruud Power Direct Vent

This Ruud commercial series of water heaters is completely maintenance free and comes with protective control system.


Ruud Power Vent

This Ruud commercial series features long life tank design and new quiet blower is this series of water heaters.


Ruud Hot Water Supply

This Ruud commercial series offers 82% thermal efficiency and energy saving pump control.



Ruud Electric Water Heaters


Ruud Large Volume Electric

This Ruud electric water heater series features ASME construction and glass lined steel tank.


Ruud Heavy-Duty

This Ruud electric water heater series Features patented L.E.D. diagnostic system and stainless steel elements in this range of Ruud water heaters.


Ruud PowerPack

This particular Ruud electric water heater series comes with immersion thermostat and L.E.D diagnostic system.


Ruud Eclipse

This particular Ruud electric water heater series comes with a 10 year limited tank warranty and 85 and 105 gallon capacities.


Ruud Booster

This particular Ruud electric water heater series Features the patented LED diagnostic system and immersion thermostat in this particular Ruud hot water heater series.


Ruud Light-Duty Water Heater 

This series of Ruud water heaters features baked enamel steel jacket.


Ruud Point-of-Use water heater

This series of Ruud hot water heaters comes with a heavy duty anode rod and porcelain enamel lined tank.


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