Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Dallas, Texas

Clogged drains can be frustrating especially if we have done
all the DIY techniques but still fail to get waste water flowing into the sewer line. In situations like this, it’s best to call drain cleaning experts in Dallas as they have right tools and experience to remove whatever it is that blocks your drain. Among the plumbing companies in Dallas, A 2 Z Atomic Plumbing stands out as one of the best based on customers feedback .

At A 2 Z Atomic Plumbing, we take pride in being able to respond to client calls on time. Indeed, we consider it as our corporate social responsibility to flush away plumbing problems such as clogged drains, stopped-up sinks, backed-up toilets and overflowing drains as quickly as possible. Toward this end, we have a equip our personnel not only with the right tools but more importantly, high level technical expertise. Our drain cleaners are experts. They are licensed professionals with adequate competencies on their trade. For more details visit this site sideeffects

Causes of Clogged Drains

Over the years that we service the residents of Dallas, we seen a lot of clogged drains. While, there we a few things that suprised us like legos and smartphones, we notice that a huge number of drain clogs are caused by a only a handful of things. The most common cause of drain blockage are the following:

  • Scrapped food
  • Grease from used cooking oil
  • Hair
  • Soap accumulation
  • Excess toilet paper
  • Damaged pipes
  • Foreign items such as toys, coins etc.

How to tell if you have a clogged drain

A clogged drain usually gives warning signs before it fails completely. If you notice these symptoms, consider yourself lucky since you can contact A 2 Z Atomic Plumbing before the situation becomes worse. Some of most common symptoms of a clogged drain are the following:

Foul or unpleasant smell
When the drain is clogged, water, grease and food particles accumulate at the point of the blockage. As time goes, the decomposing matter and stagnant water gives off a foul smell that starts to spread into the kitchen. This can also happen in floor drains in bathroom and toilet as the case may be. This is one of the most common signs that you need drain cleaning.

Slower than Usual Flow
Sinks that trap water level to the brim and little or no sign of draining is the most obvious sign of blockage. If left unattended, this can lead to total failure making water overflow and accumulate on the floor.

Gurgling Sound
While water drains, blockage creates a gurgling sound. If you have a clogged main sewer, you will hear this sound coming from your tub when you drain the sink.


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